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MODIS images showing the Southern California fire plumes

Images from the days when the fires were visible from space. Clicking on any image will open an image browser, where a click on the image will re-center the image, while the thick and thin ends of the red wedge located over the image are the zoom out and zoom in controls.
While using this browser, any day available in the archive can be accessed by chaning the time argument in the URL
An animation of these frames is available here. There are two frames for each of the first five days (Oct 21st to Oct 25th).

Images no longer added.

Images no longer added.

Saturday afternoon
Sunday afternoon, Oct 28th

Saturday morning
Sunday morning, Oct 28th

Saturday afternoon
Saturday afternoon, Oct 27th

Saturday morning
Saturday morning, Oct 27th

Friday afternoon
Friday afternoon, Oct 26th

Friday morning
Friday morning, Oct 26th

Thursday afternoon
Thursday afternoon, Oct 25th

Thursday morning
Thursday morning, Oct 25th

Wednesday afternoon
Wednesday afternoon, Oct 24th

Wednesday morning
Wednesday morning, Oct 24th

Tuesday afternoon
Tuesday afternoon, Oct 23rd

Tuesday morning
Tuesday morning, Oct 23rd

Monday afternoon
Monday afternoon, Oct 22nd

Monday morning
Monday morning, Oct 22nd

Sunday afternoon
Sunday afternoon, Oct 21st

Sunday morning
Sunday morning, Oct 21st

The source images for these composites are downloaded daily from the MODIS Rapid Response System, assembled into a single global image, and made available on the internet using Web Map Service technology developed at JPL. These are some of the relevant datasets available from the OnEarth WMS server, for more details please visit the main page
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